Why You Need Small Business Insurance Quote for Your Business

Large businesses and corporations typically carry liability insurance that protects their assets in the event that a customer is injured on their premises or suffers due to an error on their part. Many small businesses don’t see the need to carry insurance because they don’t have a ton of customers or don’t think the cost is worth it, but that can be a big mistake. It’s a smart move to get a small business insurance quote before deciding to forgo coverage altogether.


Benefits of Small Business Insurance

You may only service a few clients per month or are just starting to profit from your venture, but small business insurance allows you to protect your business in the event of a lawsuit. When the unexpected happens, that could be the point that bankrupts your business or causes you to lose significant amounts of your income. For instance, if you own a small shop and a customer falls in your store, they could sue and you’d be liable for damages. If you have insurance in such a scenario, your carrier would pay the damages after you’ve paid your deductible. Paying a small premium each month and a few hundred dollars in the event of an accident is much better than having to pay tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars without insurance.


Ways to Save

The company that provides your home, auto, or life insurance may also provide small business coverage. Contact your carrier to ask, and if they do offer small business insurance, see if you can get a discount due to being an existing customer. Once you obtain a small business insurance quote from your current insurance provider, you may find that they offer you significant savings by bundling your small business coverage with your other insurance policies. Another way to spend less on coverage is to see if the professional associations that you’re a member of offer discounts for certain small business insurance providers. This is another great way to not only save money, but to also find a trusted, reliable provider for your small business coverage.